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Practice Areas

and Industries

“We seek a personal working relationship and proximity to our clients. Because we are convinced that the best solutions can only be achieved together.”

Practice Areas

Commercial and Distribution Law

Experience has shown that commercial relationships and distribution systems that are successful are often based on long-term and legally-sound business relationships. It is our goal to ensure that our clients have successful businesses.

Corporate and Capital Markets Law

We advise corporations, shareholders, management boards, and supervisory boards on everything from corporate formations to capital increases to restructurings and ongoing business matters. Our advice includes both corporate law and capital markets matters.

Corporate Law, M&A

Acquiring or selling a company is a significant step for shareholders and for companies - both strategically and financially. Cross-border transactions can be particularly challenging. At SCHIEDERMAIR we see ourselves as "deal makers" - and advise accordingly.

Data Privacy

Processing and transferring personal data in compliance with EU and German law is an important aspect of any company’s compliance program. We support our clients in preparing and implementing data privacy policies and procedures that are practical and in compliance with the law. We advise in all areas of data privacy law.

Digital Economy

Digital transformation is the continued devel-opment of existing digital technology and the emergence of new digital technology, prod-ucts, services, and business models. We advise start-ups, established software developers, traditional companies, public institutions as well as investors on legal issues in connection with the digital economy.

Dispute Resolution (Litigation, Arbitration, Mediation)

Pursuing one’s rights, defending against legal claims, and analyzing risks: We are a leading law firm and the first point of contact for complex business law disputes.

ESG – Environment, Social, Corporate Governance

In a rapidly changing world, companies face the challenge of continuously adapting their business practices to the evolving standards in the areas of environment, social, and corporate governance (ESG). At Schiedermair, we pursue a holistic approach that fully considers the increasing demands and the growing legal codification of ESG issues.

Franchise Law

Many of Germany’s most successful and innovative franchise systems, and some of the world’s largest franchisors, rely on us to help them grow their brands successfully in markets throughout the world.

Intellectual Property Law, Competition Law

Germany is a leader in enforcing intellectual property rights and unfair competition claims. Assisting our clients in these areas of the law are core practice areas of SCHIEDERMAIR.

Labor and Employment Law

Our labor and employment attorneys advise German and non-German entities, as well as executives, on complex labor and employment matters. We also represent our clients during tough negotiations and regularly litigate before German labor courts.

Notarial Services

German notaries play a significantly different role than do notaries public in the United States and in many other countries. In some states (e.g., in the German State of Hesse, where Frankfurt is located) German notaries are simultaneously admitted as attorneys (and often practice law simultaneously).

Real Estate Law

Whether to purchase, sell, or lease real estate or to develop or manage real estate, our real estate attorneys advise and represent institu-tional investors, private investors, project de-velopers, or corporations with transactions as well as with day-to-day matters. Our clients come from Germany as well as from outside of Germany.


Almost no other area of the law evolves as much as does tax law. Tax issues invariably play a role in every business decision. We advise our clients in all aspects of tax law and provide tailored advice and solutions for your business.

Industries and Sectors

Advertising Law

Our clients often develop and design marketing strategies (whether in the classic form or digital or viral). We support these clients with their advertising campaigns by advising as to what is permissible under German law, as well as by defending them in court or by pursuing false advertising claims against competitors.

Automobile Sector

It is unquestionable that the German automobile industry is highly reputed throughout the world. We have been advising well-known national and international companies in the automotive industry for years. Our legal expertise is backed up by an in-depth knowledge of the industry so that we can provide practical and tailored advice.

Banking and Financial Sector

We advise investors, companies seeking to raise capital, and their management on structuring, as well as on selling or acquiring debt and equity products. We also advise our clients on regulatory matters and represent them vis-à-vis regulatory authorities.

Brand-Name Goods and Services

Advising and representing national and international manufacturers and distributors of brand-name goods and services is a core aspect of SCHIEDERMAIR.

Energy Sector

In the energy sector, we advise primarily regional energy suppliers (electricity, natural gas, water, and district heating) and companies that provide related energy services. We also advise and represent investors in the energy sector.

Food and Beverages

The attorneys of our Food and Beverage Practice assist national and international clients with every stage of the production and distribution cycle of food and beverage products in the European Union.

Health and Life Sciences

Health care is becoming more digital, faster, and, without a doubt, increasingly complex. We help companies navigate legislative and regulatory provisions as well as case law that governs the health care industry.

Information Technology, Media and Communications

From electronics in automobiles to communicating with smartphones to pacemakers: our lives depend on reliable IT, communications technology, media technology, and the corresponding hardware and software. Today's world would be unimaginable without the advancements the world has witnessed over the years. For companies, these advancements are often their lifeblood. At SCHIEDERMAIR, we advise and represent our clients on any issues that may arise in these sectors.

Machinery and Plant Engineering

We have been advising and representing German and non-German purchasers and contractors for many years on drafting and negotiating machine acquisition agreements and plant engineering contracts and on resolving disputes arising in connection with plant construction projects.

Manufacturing and Distribution

Manufacturing and distributing products and consumer goods as a core national activity can succeed only with solid and comprehensive legal advice. Germany is a leader when it comes to manufacturing and exporting. "Made in Germany" is a sign of quality - this applies also to the legal system.

Private Equity

For the majority of investors and business managers, the decision to acquire equity is a significant personal decision. Private equity investors invest not only in business concepts, but also in people and management. Trust is, therefore, often an underlying aspect of private equity transactions.

Real Estate Industry

Developing, constructing, managing, and marketing real estate is a major global industry. Because of its uniqueness, the real estate industry requires specialized know-how and a good understanding of the market and its players. As legal advisors with many years of experience in the real estate sector, we are familiar with the customs and practices of the real estate industry.

Succession Planning and Asset Planning

We advise and assist high-net-worth individuals and family business owners in all respects in legal, tax, and personal matters relating to their business, family, and assets.

Venture Capital

We advise investors as well as start-ups and other companies in the development stage on venture capital financing. In addition to our expertise in investment matters, we support our clients with our know-how in any number of industry-specific matters, but we are also always willing to learn more.